RAPID Update

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DroneMapper has just released an updated version of RAPID with full photogrammetry capability addressing affordability for smaller areas of interest. The RAPID Windows application provides functionality equivalent to REMOTE EXPERT:

  • Selectable DEM and Ortho output resolutions,
  • 64-bit Point Cloud outputs - traditional and textured meshes,
  • Ground control pre-processing for high geo-spatial accuracy,
  • Processing of RTK and PPK image geotags,
  • Processing of nadir as well as oblique collections,
  • Multi-spectral image processing,
  • Ortho seamline feathering and blending,
  • Frequent software enhancements at no additional cost.
RAPID is licensed for 1 year at a cost of $159. The application will ingest up to 250 images per project and run on modest computing resources.

When you download the software and install try running an imagery set of your own or use one of our example sets to produce a preview. RAPID will ONLY produce a preview and requires license purchase to complete the DEM and Ortho. When the DEM "go" button is clicked a Paypal window will open prompting payment. Once paid an activation code will be sent via email for your yearly license. DroneMapper will only accept Paypal payments for RAPID.

The DroneMapper Team!