Our geospatial products and photogrammetry software is used in a wide variety of applications and industries.

  • Precision Agriculture, Crop Stress, NIR, NDVI, EVI, EVI2, Hydrology, Topography

  • Oil and Gas, Corridor Mapping and Monitoring

  • Mining, Volumetrics, Facility Regulations

  • Pipeline Monitoring, ROW, Insurance, Threat Assessment

  • Powerline Monitoring, Infrastructure Projects

  • Construction Planning & Engineering, Industrial Applications, Solar Power

  • Wildlife Management, Animal Counting & Tracking

  • Flood Management, Threat Assessment, Damage Assessment

  • State, County, City Planning, Property Surveys, Land Surveys

  • Real Estate, Resort Planning, Disaster Response, Oil Spills, Flood Mapping, Fire Mapping

  • Insurance, Damage Assessment, Residential & Commercial Rooftop Surveys

  • Law Enforcement, Military Mission Planning, Research & Academia, Surveying, LIDAR

  • Temporal, Change Detection, Biomass Estimation, Invasive Vegetation Monitoring

  • Environment Studies, Archaeology, 3D Model Creation, Virtual Reality, Video Games

In addition, we offer the following services to support client specific applications where enhanced value-added products are desired.

  • Remote Sensing, Camera Selection & Setup, Flight Platform & Mission Planning

  • UAS, Drone Mapping & Manned Mission Planning & Operations

  • GIS Consulting, Software Development, Database Development, GeoServer Consulting

  • Precision Agriculture Systems, Precision Geospatial Intelligence, Photogrammetry Consulting & Software Development

  • Imagery & Data Collection Clean Up, Complex Photogrammetry Issues, Windows Photogrammetry Software

Orthomosaic Maps

Digital Elevation Models

NIR Orthomosaic Maps, NDVI and Plant Health

Thermal and Advanced Sensor Processing