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  • Up to 250 images per project
  • Free Processing to Preview Stage
  • All Remote Expert Features
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For details on our simple software license policy, click here.

All licenses provided are non-refundable! We suggest prior to purchase that you download and install RAPID and send us the license code for either version for a trial. Run your images and verify proper operation on your computer resource and that the quality of the produced products meet your needs. Thank you!

For educational and non-profit institutional use, REMOTE EXPERT perpetual licenses are being offered at a discount of 25% ($750) for licensing seats between 1 and 10. If you have a need for more than 10 licensing seats please contact us for further discounts offered. Thank you for your interest.

Contact us for a project quote. Average cost for a cloud processing project without GCP is around $100 USD depending on area covered. Average cost with GCP is $200 USD. DroneMapper offers the highest precision and very accurate digital elevation model extraction with our proprietary photogrammetric algorithms. We’ve been advancing the art of aerial photogrammetry pixel by pixel since 2011!