Simple Licensing and Pricing for DroneMapper REMOTE EXPERT

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Simple Licensing and Pricing for DroneMapper REMOTE EXPERT Products
Pierre Stoermer, CEO –

We hope that you have or will find RAPID for DJI useful for your personal or business use. In response to the questions that have come up for REMOTE and REMOTE EXPERT versions of the application, this post should clarify the licensing and pricing details of DroneMapper’s offering:

REMOTE EXPERT licensing price is $999 USD,

• Licenses are perpetual. You may use the licensed version of the application for your needs forever,

• DroneMapper will correct, if possible, any issues with the operation of these versions that are reported to us,

• Besides maintenance, DroneMapper will strive to improve the functionality of the applications through time at no cost to you. When significant improvements or functionality have been incorporated, new versions of the applications may be released. You can choose whether these will be beneficial to your needs and pay any additional fees associated for that update/upgrade version.

• If you have specialized needs that are not supported, we are interested in hearing from you and please feel free to contact us to discuss.

Thank you, The DroneMapper Team