DroneMapper Rapid / Remote Expert Release: 20190218

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DroneMapper Rapid and Remote Expert Version 20190218 has been released. Please download the latest version here. This release has full support for multi-spectral tif input and output. RGBN 8bit/18bit, RGB+n(bands), Single Band 8bit/16bit tif/Thermal/Hyperspectral. Example imagery shown is 22 frames from a Vexcel UltraCam Falcon Prime (RGBN). See the full change log below:

February 18th, 2019 - v1.4 20190201
  • 1500 images max for Remote Expert
  • Multispectral TIF processing (RGBN/RGB+nNumberOfChannels)
  • TIF image support (8bit/16bit)
  • Rename .DIS (disabled images on program exit)
  • Additional testing and optimizations of AMD processors
  • UI enhancements
Best regards,
the DroneMapper Team