• Imagery must have at least 60% in-track overlap and should have at least 50% cross-track/orthogonal overlap.

  • Imagery has overlap between cross-track and in-track frames. See examples below.

  • Images must contain required EXIF information. [more]

  • For best results: Shutter Speed >= 1/1000th, Auto ISO, White Balance setting fixed to 'Sunlight', 'Day' or 'Cloudy' depending on sky conditions.
    We've also seen great results with a fixed ISO setting.

  • Images are shot with one camera and focal length.

  • Images are geo-tagged.

  • Non-NADIR Images should be removed. (i.e. Images from turns, Landing, Takeoff)

  • Images should not be pre-processed or EXIF is preserved. (i.e. Lightroom, Picassa, etc)

  • Images are NADIR or near vertical. 6 megapixel or greater, 10-12 megapixel recommended.

  • Images are JPEG format and no corrupt images/headers. Images are same width x height. (i.e. 4000x3000)

  • Images are same aspect ratio. (i.e. 4:3 recommended)

  • Flight Path should be Parallel Line (aka Lawn Mower) or other large overlapping style.

  • Flight Path should provide sufficient coverage of survey area. Sufficient coverage of an area means 60% - 80% overlap, less than 50% overlap yields less data for gradient generation in that direction.

  • Flight should be from sufficient elevation. (i.e. >80 meters) Flights below 50m or less should have identifiable terrain features.

  • Use a GPS enabled camera with Latitude, Longitude and Elevation EXIF tags.

  • EXIF tags include Camera Make, Model, Image Width, Image Height, Focal Length, DateTimeOriginal

  • Geo-tag your photos using GeoSetter (GUI), exiftool (command line) or a similar tool.
Using the guidelines above will yield the best results while using the DroneMapper platform. Each job requires a large amount of memory, disk space and processing power to complete. You are paying for this processing time, so it is smart to input the best quality dataset possible. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox (HTML5) with DroneMapper.

Data Collection Examples with Good Results:

This sequence shows a good amount of overlap between images. A large amount of control points are detected in order to scale, rotate and mosaic. This is a small subset of over 241 images.

Flight Path

An example of a flight from Pteryx UAV with a large amount of overlap. This is the ideal situation.

Flight Path

Another example of an imagery sequence with a large amount of overlap.

Flight Path

DroneMapper Cloud Pricing Policy:

Contact us for pricing job quote. Average cost for cloud processing job is around $100 USD depending on area covered/GSD/GCP/etc. DroneMapper offers the highest precision and very accurate digital elevation model extraction with our proprietary photogrammetric workflow. We've been advancing the art of aerial photogrammetry pixel by pixel since 2011!

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